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  • Expertise in Fabrication & Installation

    I operate a studio in Chicago where I have the space and equipment for fabricating large-scale, outdoor pieces, make castings using the lost-wax process, and undertaking molding and other small projects. 

    I am an experienced sculptor with a track record of reliably producing large outdoor pieces on time and within budget. I employ part-time workers to assist me in my studio, and my shop is equipped with all the necessary welding and forming machinery and material handling equipment to make large pieces.

    I welcome working with individual clients and committees to achieve the appropriate sculptural expression for a specific site and purpose. I offer consultation through idea exploration and testing of options through the use of drawings and models.

    I have worked extensively with architects and designers in site and facility planning and programming. I am familiar with project scheduling and budget considerations and can coordinate my contribution with those of other team members in siting and installation.

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